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If you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding photographer, you might be a little overwhelmed with your options. Here are my tips on how to choose a Leavenworth wedding photographer! 

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Woo hoo, you’re engaged! Congratulations! I am honestly so stoked for this exciting new chapter you’re about to embark on. I hope you’ve taken some time to celebrate, soak in the excitement and feel all the feels with your partner before starting to plan your dream day in Leavenworth. At this point, you’ve likely already selected your date and venue (possibly even secured your planner!). So now you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding photographer, but you might be a little overwhelmed with your options. I get it! So here are my tips on how to choose a Leavenworth wedding photographer! 

1. Make sure you get along with your Leavenworth wedding photographer

This is my first tip because it’s the most important in my opinion. Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important days of your life (unless you win the Nobel Prize or walk on the moon or something!). There’s no wasting time with vendors who don’t get you. You need to feel understood and taken care of. Your photographer is the one vendor you’ll be spending the most time with on your wedding day so make sure you absolutely love their personality!

Most photographers, myself included, will set aside time to meet in person (or on FaceTime or Zoom) to make sure everyone vibes together before moving further in the booking process. These consult calls or coffee dates give everyone a chance to get to know each other better, talk about the vision for the day and make sure the relationship is a good fit.

You can also get to know a photographer before that by spending time on their social media, watching their IG stories and browsing their website. Things to ask yourself before you book with them: do I like this person, could I see me and my partner hanging out with them, could they get along with my wedding party and family members, etc. Along the same line, make sure your Leavenworth wedding photographer has the same values as you and your partner!

2. Do you love their photography & editing style?

Every photographer has their own unique style that they have spent years perfecting. And I know we all want you to be absolutely in love with your photos! At the end of our time together, I know I would hate for you to feel like you have to put a filter on your images when posting to social media. Or not even loving them enough to post! Yikes!

So when looking for a Leavenworth wedding photographer, pay attention to the way their photos are edited. Some photographers edit with a dark and moody style while others are more bright and airy. Personally, I’m somewhere in between. I love editing true to life colors! When looking at a photographer’s portfolio, try to envision your wedding photos in that style.

3. Ask to see full wedding galleries 

To go with the last point, make sure you ask your potential Leavenworth wedding photographer if you can see full wedding galleries. If you’re attracted to their Instagram feed and online portfolio, that’s a great start. But to really get a feel for how your whole wedding would look with them as your photographer you should really see at least one or two full wedding galleries.

4. How & when will you receive your photos?

You should also ask your potential photographer how you will receive your photos after your wedding day. Be sure that is outlined in their contract! You also want to know what their standard turnaround time for delivery is, as it does vary from photographer to photographer. I personally deliver full wedding galleries within 6 weeks.

Pro tip! Sometimes you can find this information on a photographer’s website. Usually in their FAQ’s or investment page. So be sure to check there first before emailing them!

Along with how and when you’ll receive photos you should get clarification on how many photos you’ll be receiving, how long you can access your online gallery and any wedding album options.

5. Will your Leavenworth wedding photographer assist in the planning process?

A lot goes into planning! There’s details and logistics that most couples don’t think about until they are already in the thick of planning. Your planner will help with a lot no doubt, but you will still want to find a Leavenworth wedding photographer that has experience with the area. (Especially if you live somewhere else and are planning a destination wedding in Leavenworth!) You’ll want someone who can give you venue and other vendor recommendations, tips and tricks, share personal insights etc. That’s where I come in! I personally have photographed weddings and engagement sessions all around Leavenworth. We even vacation and take weekend trips with family multiple times a year.

6. Always respect their time, business, and prices

Wedding photographers put so much into the work they do. I’m talking literal sweat and tears! All so they can give their couples the best experience possible. I know many like me who will always take time to answer whatever questions you might have and make sure we’re a good fit before working together. At the end of the day, we have your best interests at heart! So we just ask that you respect our time. Especially if we’re taking time out of our day to respond to your questions! Please don’t ghost us after!

On the same note, try avoiding saying things like “I’m looking for a Leavenworth wedding photographer who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg” or something along those lines. We are all charging what we need to in order to run our businesses, keep up with equipment costs and feed ourselves and our families. I respect that everyone has a budget and I personally have my starting prices listed on my website so that there’s no guessing if I’m in yours or not.

How to choose a Leavenworth wedding photographer 

I hope my tips for choosing a Leavenworth wedding photographer helped you! If you’re looking for more Leavenworth wedding planning tips, check out this blog post I wrote full of great tips and wedding venue and vendor recommendations!

You can also check out this real Leavenworth wedding!

So what’s next? It goes without saying that I’d love to be there for you! If you want a photographer who feels like a friend, who is someone you can rely on not just for beautiful pictures, but to keep your timeline on track, calm your nerves, go with the flow and get you a glass of champagne when you need it, then I’m your girl!

Here’s what some of my past couples have to say:

“I had such a great time working with Tiffany! She made the experience really fun and we felt immediately comfortable with her.”

“Tiffany was fantastic to work with! On our wedding day it felt like a friend was taking our photos- she worked so well with my family and vendor team. It was so much fun.”

So let me be everything you need- a photographer, a friend, a shoulder to lean on (or cry happy tears on) and a steady supplier of good vibes on your wedding day.

Send me a message to see if I have your date available!

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Get my expert help with creating the perfect wedding day timeline! Includes options with/without a first look!

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