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But I grew up on a little island in the Pacific called Guam, ever heard of it? This means I am on “island time” (figuratively, of course. I’ll definitely make it to your wedding on time!) and I live life with a laid back, friendly approach. Growing up on such a small island, it’s hard to not think of everybody like family. 

I'm Tiffany, a photographer serving Leavenworth, WA


The abbreviated history of Tiffany

Guam is a melting pot of cultures, which has made me open and accepting of all people, regardless of differences in looks, language, values, you name it.  I now live in the great PNW with my husband, Cotey. We help raise his nephew along with his mom (#modernfamily). Our family is everything to me. 

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My journey began when...

I came to photography from journalism with more than 10 years of crafting stories to my name

Did I choose journalism as a major because it was the only program to not require a math class? Well, maybe it was a strong factor, but in reality I found my passion in journalism. There is something so powerful about using words and images to explore issues and stories that matter, stories that might never be heard otherwise. We tell stories to understand what’s happening now and so future generations can access what we learned.

It’s why I look at your love on your wedding day and see a story well worth telling and preserving.

A few things I'd really like you to know: First and foremost, I want to make sure your day is stress-free and fun. You worked out a gazillion details to make your wedding happen your way, you fought for your love. You should – no! – you will have the most memorable, powerful, satisfying day. Next, please know that I’m in this for you, always for you. Not for my followers on social media, not to build my portfolio...

You’re the sun on your special day, I’m happily caught in your orbit. Finally, I rock the “chillness” and calm vibes, but there are a few things I take suuuuper seriously- like my roles as memory preserver, moment capturer and secret keeper. I also take your comfort and care seriously. 

Even though I'm no longer in the newsroom, that desire to tell stories still lives within me.

I stumbled on this photo of my grandpa and nana enjoying cake and coffee from when they first started dating. I love that this picture exists so I can see the love that started it all. 

an early photo of My Grandpa and Nana

Christmas is my favorite day of the year and it's partly because of all the amazing Christmas mornings we had growing up. These photos bring me right back to the feelings of excitement as we ran to see what gifts we had under the tree.

Christmas morning

I can almost taste the chocolate and smell fresh brownies coming out of the oven every time I look at this picture. Now that I no longer have my nana, it's become an even more valuable memory.

BAking with nana

How special is it to flip through their wedding album and see them young, and in in love. I love seeing how much this day meant to them by all the photos of them smiling and just so happy!

My parents wedding day

This is one of my favorite moments from our day because I love how it captures the love between my husband and his mom. This was a special day for her too, and I love how you can see how proud she is of him in this image. It's one I will cherish.

Memories from our own wedding

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