The sweetest ice cream date you've ever been on -


The sweetest ice cream date you’ve ever been on

I have a serious obsession with ice cream. I mean, how can you not? I don’t think there’s ever a day where I’ll turn down a nice scoop or two of that creamy, decadent goodness. Side note- if I ever turn down ice cream then aliens have successfully abducted me.

I’ve wanted to shoot an ice cream date session practically all summer and now that wedding season is over I finally had the time. I was so glad Raynee and Jordan were game to include ice cream in their couples session. We went to Woody’s Drive-In in Moses Lake on a Friday night because Woody’s is a Moses Lake staple, and their ice cream is amazing! Well, so are their burgers and shakes. Basically everything on their menu is to die for! If you are ever in the area it makes for a fun stop.

Here are some of my favorites! (Aren’t Raynee and Jordan just the cutest!)


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