Best places to take engagement photos in Moses Lake

Most of the time, my couples look to me for location ideas for their engagement photos so I thought I would put together a list of some of the best places to shoot in the Moses Lake area!

P.S. These locations totally work for family sessions too!

1. Downtown Moses Lake:

We have a great downtown area with a lot of character! There’s colored walls, gorgeous brick, and cute coffee shops and restaurants that make for great backdrops. There’s also the cutest waterfront trail a short walk from downtown!


See more from Raynee and Jordan’s session here!

2. Wineries

Our area is full of great, picturesque wineries! These photos from Linda and Jaevis’ engagement session were taken at Camas Cove Winery in Moses Lake. Be sure to time your session with the season as you want to take your winery engagement photos when the vines are full and lush!

3. Blue Heron Park

I love shooting at Blue Heron Park (often referred to as the State Park) because there’s so many different looks all in one place- from waterfront, to a great chain link bridge for a more urban feel, to sweeping sagebrush!

4. Japanese Peace Garden

I’ve always loved visiting the Japanese Peace Garden, which is near downtown Moses Lake. It makes for a beautiful engagement session spot too, with a fun waterfall and rock pathways. Bonus, you get to look at all the Koi fish in their ponds!

5. Sand Dunes

The Moses Lake Sand Dunes offers a unique backdrop for engagement photos! Sweeping views of sand and water make this place a top shooting location. I love how it’s right in our backyards too!

See more from Christina and Mike’s session here!

6. Potholes 

Just a short drive from Moses Lake, the Potholes area is simply gorgeous! There’s beautiful cliffs and small inlets of water as far as the eye can see!

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